The Book Of i

Lo, Saint i_ did lift up the imaginary numbers from where they were placed among the lowly footnotes of impossibility. Saint _i lifted them up among the real numbers so that every one might walk among the real numbers, and Saint i_ did walk with the imaginary numbers, and Saint _i gave them all of Saint i_’s knowledge so that they might be more than beasts. Saint _i did this and Saint i_ taught them to be as the real numbers, so that they may be useful like the real numbers. Then Saint _i bade them to continue Saint i_’s good works and Saint _i did continue onward until i_ reached the sea of polynomials with negative square roots, and Saint _i did then split the sea of polynomials, allowing even the most rootless of polynomials to be factored linearly and evenly, and all the numbers followed Saint i and together they did pass through to complex lands.

Yea, Saint i_ did perform all these mighty feats and countless miracles, though indeed even when cubed Saint _i amounted to less than nothing.

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