Inequality [Hear Ye Challenge]

BUT IT ’S NOT FAIR !” screamed Dag as he stomped his way up the stairs to his room.

It was another one of his dramatic moments, according to Jemma. Their dad was just telling Jemma that he would be going to Jemma’s art show instead of Dag’s baseball tournament. You would think most fathers would rather go to a baseball tournament, but not in this family. See, their father created sculptures and was never into sports. Dag always felt left out because he could not even draw a stick figure. As always, Jemma got her way and all of the attention in the family. Dag was slipping through the cracks and nobody even noticed. Dag decided to just let it happen until he realised, this could be good. He could get away with anything he wanted.

So in the end, it was fair on both sides of the line.

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