Creatures on Earth

“Mira, wait up!” Rigel shouted. Mira was running at top speed through the field. She was heading straight for where they heard BOOM .
“Look, it’s not that I don’t love to go exploring random and dangerous explosive sites, but could you at least slow down?”
Mira didn’t slow down, and she ignored his sarcastic comment. She just kept running; she was anxious to see what had fallen from the sky. Suddenly she stopped, and Rigel almost ran into her.
“Why’d you stop?” he asked, blowing locks of black hair out of his face.
Mira’s eyes were wide. A few feet in font of her were huge chunks of metal and debris. A few pieces were even glowing.
“What do you think it’s from?” Mira asked.
“It’s probably nothing,” Rigel replied. “If anything, it’s most likely a…”
It got deathly quiet. They seemed to be all alone in a huge empty field, swallowed up by the darkness. But they weren’t alone. The tall grass to the right of Mira started rustling, and suddenly, four orange eyes poked out from the grass.

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