I will have the usual

The usual? Yes, I replied. I have been coming to this mom and pop burger joint for almost a year. I feel special when the owner, who usually takes my order, remembers my usual—cheese burger with Cheddar, everything on it except onions. It is not that I go there everyday, maybe I go once a week or so. The place gets really busy for lunch. But he remembers my order. Most probably because it is a simple order. Maybe I should not feel that special. He is just being customer friendly.

Lately, I am having second thoughts. I still like the place and really like the burger, but I want to try other items on the menu—hot dog, chicken tenders, Italian beef. He even has veggie hot dog. I feel like I am trapped with my usual choice. I want to protest when he asks. No! I don’t want my usual. But then I don’t want to piss him off either. I guess I could be nicer about it by replying I will be unusual today.

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