A Tough Life (Invisible Challenge)

And that’s when I saw them coming right for me!


The cactus in front of me exploded, and a small black bullet fell into the sand behind me.

“Faster! HYA !”

I focused in front of the stolen horse’s head. The stinging wind, peppered with grains of sand, made it difficult to focus.

The horse was living a nightmare. It’s eyes were wide, and spittle oozed out of its mouth and fell in big drops behind us.

I could hear the galloping horses’ hooves falling further behind over the whipping wind.


I felt the bag in my hand getting lighter.

I looked down to see a hole in the small velvet bag I had stolen from the sheriff’s station. Small gold and silver coins were cascading from the ripped bag.

I growled and kicked the poor horse harder into it’s sides, trying to grab whatever coins I could with my other hand.

“Come on!” I yelled. I dug my spurs deeper into the horse’s heaving flank.

Then I felt the ground heave upward, and I was flying through the air.


Right into the sheriff’s path.

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