Fallen Angel (Pt. 2)

“Oh my, this is going quite nicely!”

Dr. Ochentaker stood on his stool and rubbed his hands together like any normal, crazy, lunatic mad scientist would when he’s accomplished a new evil deed.

The flash bulb went off, a poof of smoke, and a smartly dressed young woman emerged from the black curtain covering the back of the camera. Dr. Ochentaker jumped down from his stool.

“Enough play time! Back to our subject!”

The woman disgustedly dusted herself off.

“These cameras haven’t received any new upgrades in months! One year since the last camera came out! it’s 1902 already! Where is my new, dust-free camera?”

The scientist whimpered at the tall woman threatening him with her finely-painted, bright pink nails.

“It will come, Loretta! Please! Calm down?”

The woman sighed, and then smiled.

“We did get our angel, didn’t we?”

“Yes we did, my darling, yes we did…”

They stood together, watching their angel through the one-way mirrors.

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