Mindful Future

“You know you still have time to reconsider.â€?

It wasn’t a question so much as a statement. A statement I had probably heard a hundred times the past week since I had made The Choice. You know: The Choice that every young Psion had to make once they graduated from The Psicademy.

And I had; Made my choice, I mean. I had thought long and hard about it for the past eight years. Weighing my options. The Pros. The Cons. I had looked at the alternatives. And every single time I came back to the same Choice.

I stared at my foster father and wondered, not for the first time in the 12 years I had known him, what he was thinking.

In some of the outer colonies there is still a misconception that Telepaths can read a normal human’s mind. While it’s true we can pick up a faint buzz from them if they are standing close, within our personal space, we still can’t read a humans thoughts unless we are touching them.

Telepaths can only connect with other telepaths without physical touch.

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