Larry stood in his father’s office, staring at the floor.

“Larry…this just isn’t working out…”

“You’re firing me?”


“Your own son!”

“Larry, be reasonable. CleanGene has an image to maintain.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means, well I guess it means you just don’t fit with our go get’em attitude. Our can do spirit…”

“Is this because I’m a klutz?”

Larry’s father’s face turned a deep maroon. He was barely holding back his rage.

“That autovacumometer cost us over a billion credits. The wall of the facility was destroyed. Steve lost his left arm for God’s sake! I can’t just do nothing.”

“So you are firing your own son…”

“I am sure you understand. Go home to Maria, Monday I’ll help you find a new job over in the ‘Pits.”

Larry turned and walked out without a word.

“It will be an adventure!” came the cry after him. It was the last time Larry saw his father.

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