The Story Behind The Music

Music swarms around me,
your fingers gliding across the ivory keys,
composing a gentle and painfully beautiful arrangement.
Concentration touches your eyes as the music changes,
still beautiful, but now faster,
imitating the acceleration of my heart.
I watch your fingers play,
graceful and effortless,
and notice something different reflected in your face;
an ache, a longing for something familiar in this constantly changing world.
By now you’ve caught me several times,
staring in awe at the elegance with which you play,
listening with loving ears to the story behind the music.

My heart desires to be that something,
the solid ground on which you stand,
the sanity to protect you.
Such emotions running through me cause unfamiliar actions,
and I’m going out of my way just to lay eyes on your perfect face.
I’m lost in my own world,
gazing into the depths of your soul,
trying, without success, to determine where one thought ends and another begins,
hopefully lost in your absolute perfection.

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