“where did you say you got that dress from?” the elf-boy asked.
“um, my closet. you told me to try it on.”
“how could i have told you to try it on? i’ve never met you before!” the boy said.
that was a good question. “well, i don’t know! i was just laying there on my bed when your voice told me, inside my head, to go try the dress on. then suddenly i passed out and woke up with your sword in my back!”
the elf-boy looked stumped, then surprised, then comprehending. “come here,” he said, motioning for me to come closer.
“just come here, i need to see something!” he said impatiently.
i walked over to where he was standing, and he pulled me close to him. he grabbed my arm and appeared to be inspecting my sleeves. “what the…?”
“just as i had suspected!”
i pulled away. “what is it?”
“this is the dress of mhoretaelia, the ancient elf queen! i knew i recognized it!”
my mouth dropped open. “who?”
now his mouth dropped open. “you don’t know her legend?!” and he began telling me.

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