He explains ... kind of.

It didn’t feel right, telling Olivia and V about it when Abbi was just laying there in front of me, unconscious. They weren’t supposed to know. They shouldn’t know. I can’t tell them, I thought. “Well, you see, I had to talk to her…” I gestured to Aibfinnia, who was sleeping soundly at the moment… “somewhere private…”
“Why?” Olivia interrupted, suspicious.
“Because, I did. Now let me finish. And suddenly there was this big … turbulence or something, and all the rocks that were in the room started to fall down and they crushed her, but somehow miraculously all missed me. I’m going to go in there again once Abbi’s better to try and figure out why they all seemed to be aiming for her. Then, after I talked to you, the door suddenly just … opened. Like I used some undiscovered telechenisis or something. It was weird.”
Olivia and V just stared at me blankly.
“Okay,” V said, and sat in the chair in the corner, somehow conjouring a brownie and scarfing it down.
Olivia simply glared.

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