Fallen Angel (Pt. 6)

“What do you mean, stop talking?”

Loretta stepped away from the mike and focused her sharp pink eyes on the short frame of Dr. Ochentaker.

“He needs to rest so he doesn’t completely die off from exhaustion!”

Loretta sighed. “Well, I’m sorry, but I thought that he was supposed to be moved to the test unit now!”

“Not until tomorrow!”

The small scientist pulled himself up to his full height of four feet and smiled.

“Oh, okay…” Loretta sighed. She noticed that she was often catching herself sighing for no reason lately. “Just a minute!” she said through the microphone, for the angel’s benefit.

“Yes, but I still can’t believe that we’ve caught one! Finally!”

He laughed and strutted out, whistling a simple tune.

Loretta sighed a third time. Didn’t he realize how much she had done, too?

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