Lady Chameleon

Hi… you must be Sam’s parents. Pleased to meet you – I’m Miss Jones, Sam’s biology teacher. Overall Sam has done very well over the past few months, but she does have a tendency to get very distracted with idol chatter during some lessons. She also needs to concentrate more on her written English, especially since 10% of her exam marks will be linked to writing quality…
Look at me… sitting here at this ponsy private girls school wearing the same stupid teacher uniform as all of the other stupid teachers. I’m wearing more bloody clothes than any of the girls – sluts! Thanks to my insane contract I’m bound to be dressed “practically, sensibly, maturely and responsibly at all times” when I could possibly be “an influence to any of the young ladies in the school”. And I’m not allowed to mention my sexuality, religion, etc. or be seen with any man that isn’t my husband. And men aren’t allowed in the school anyway. Little do they know about what’s under my frumpy fa├žade!

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