Now That You've Found "Perfect"

Now that you’ve found “perfect,”
I feel as though you’ve left me.
Even though you said
That you never would forget me.

When you said, “I never want
To leave you,” did you mean,
“You’ll do until I find another.”?
Did you lie to me?

Were you truthful when you said
to me, “Until we die.”?
Or was it just your way with words?
Was it all a lie?

So will we ever speak again?
Will you find the time?
You drove me to the pen. Again!
And to another rhyme.

Why did you not tell me?
Share with me your joy?
Did you think I couldn’t handle it?
Oh, you stupid boy!

So now that you found “perfect.”
Tell me, kindred spirit, friend,
Do you no longer need me?
Does our friendship end?

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