Jonas Part 38: TTYL

I skipped over to her side as she flipped open her phone.
‘From: Mommy
Amanda. Do you have a graduation dress yet ? I am @ Nordstrom. Cute stuff. :]’

“Oh.Em.Gee.” Amanda and I said in unison. We had totally forgotten that our graduation was less than 2 weeks away!
We both turned to run for the mall, but Mandy stopped after about 5 yards. She ran over and yanked Kat away from Charlie and pulled her along.
“What the heckkk?!” yelled Kat, “I was having a CONVERSATION !”
“Shut up, Katrina,” barked Amanda, “We have bigger problems right now.”
Kat scowled, and reluctantly was quiet.
When we finally arrived, I got a text message.
‘From: Thomas
? what happened??’

With a sigh, I put my phone back in my pocket. I was not in the mood to explain dress importance to a guy. I had to deal with Mandy and Kat. Alone. With me. In the mall.
My world had bigger issues right now. With a deep breath, I pulled my phone back out.
‘To: Thomas

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