What a Beautiful Day - The Widow

The flag was pulled off of the coffin with care. White gloves folded it into a perfect triangle with precision and grace.

The gunshots startled her. She jolted slightly in her chair as she continued to stare at the box that held her husband.

Howard was standing over the coffin. He had that look on his face, like it had finally hit him he lost his son. Another round of gunshots…less startling this time.

Then, a blue uniform with polished silver buttons appeared in front of her. She looked up to see a stoic face looking down at her. He was offering her Tom’s flag. Tom’s dead.

She took it and held it to her breasts, as though it could provide the warmth her husband used to. It didn’t. It was only a flag.

With a sob, she looked up at the clouds, gently moving through the sky. She noticed the moon was visible today.

“What a beautiful day.” she muttered to herself, as the breeze swept through her hair.

She closed her eyes and could have sworn Tom was there, holding her.


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