Not Now

Everybody does it.
Nobody is supposed to, but the teachers know just as well as we do that everybody has them with us.
Cell phones in class, I mean.
Honestly, do they think we’re stupid or something?
And plus, there are calculators on most of them, which are very convienient when the math teacher runs out of calculators to hand out.

But now I was starting to see where they got the rule from.

I had forgotten to turn my cell from Vibrate to Silent, and in the middle of a science test, all you heard was the “zzzzzzzzz” of the gems on the back of my phone against my seat, because I had it in my back pocket. Everybody looked up, including the teacher. I shifted around a little bit until I hit the End button. While doing this, I pretended to look around, too, so that I wouldn’t stick out.

Who the heck is calling or texting me in the middle of the school day?! Whoever it is, they are going to get some serious yelling at, because if I don’t ace this test, my grade is going to drop incredibley!

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