A Simple Smile Can Brighten A Day (3&&TheEnd)

The little girl with the kitten had a subject to talk about, and she never hesitated to talk to anybody about it. She called her puppy Sugar, because her mommy always put an itsy-bitsy bit of extra sugar on her Frosted Flakes in the morning.
She became a talkative girl, and soon the most liked in her kindergarten class. Although she was nice to everyone, there was a boy who became her best friend.

The young lady that was smiled at that day at the subway received the rest of the day off of work for completing everything early, and while she was at the mall, she found a young man, and years later were happily married.
The woman who was bought a cookie began getting promotion after promotion, because she would always think back to the kindness of the young lady, which would relax her when she did her presentations.
The young girl with the kitten and the young boy who was her best friend grew up and became prom king and queen.

A chain of events, initiated by a simple smile, made a world of a difference.

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