Orlando Comforts Lynde

xxbeachbabexx: hey i’m bak

football_37: chyaa i c =) whtsup

xxbeachbabexx: n2m, got ina realli big arguement w/ my bffl at cheer. ttly sux. i miss her already.

football_37: it’s alright. what was the arguement about?

xxbeachbabexx: oky so i was like, doing toetouches and stuff and she comes ovr and is all ‘god u show off’ and i knew she was kidding but then i’m like ‘plz, rachel, don’t be gellin cuz ur not as good as me’ and i wuz ttly kidding to but she took it all serious and she like, wouldn’t talk to me for like the entire rest of the practice.


xxbeachbabexx: hey, don’t make fun of me, i’m not in the mood

football_37: i wasn’t, it’s just tht u girl fight ovr the most ridiculous things. and besides, she probly is just jealous anyway, and she’s only proving u rite by saying stuff about u.

xxbeachbabexx: =) thankss.. you just made my day. u kno like, exactly what to say. ur the best =)

Orlando couldn’t help but let a smile creep onto his face.

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