Searching for eldorado and eating endangered species.

“The tapir huh?”

“They are slow and fat and taste like chicken bacon.”

“Aren’t they an endangered species?”

“Besides being a stranded treasure hunter in the jungles of Peru, let me guess you also work for the local gamewarden?”

“Just shut up and eat it!”

The greasy meat stains the pages of the books i have been obsessing over all night. These symbols are driving me mad, i know they are inca. But i dont recognize them not even a little, and one of these i swear is the greek word petra, my brain is going to pop at this rate.

“Hey how long do you think we could survive out here?”

“Till we extinct the tapir”

“That isn’t funny!”

“I don’t mean to get a little “treasure of the seira madre” on you but i am not leaving here till we find it.”

“What if the place we found the spanish helmet was just there because it floated down this river from the other side of the continent?”

“What if it was just a lie so the conquistador’s didn’t have to turn over all the loot?”

“Wait! Petra! look”

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