She's Reading Sandman!

“Excuse me. Can I ask you a question?” Casey asked the girl in the blue hat. He’d been watching her for three stops now.

The train’s lights flickered.

She was lovely. Those Asian eyes. The dark hair streaked with amber. She was standing there alone, holding onto an overhead grip, reading a graphic novel. Sandman, he noticed.

“Sure.” She replied, a little shocked. She closed the hardcover on her thumb and looked up at him.

He stumbled with his thoughts. Expecting to be ignored, he didn’t really think this thing through.

“Well, I noticed you were reading Sandman.” He fumbled. “Um…I was wondering if maybe we could grab a beer or something.”

The train’s lights flickered again.

“Oh, well, I suppose, but I’m on my way to…....” She trailed off, wrestling with the natural impulse to blow him off.

“It’s just not often I meet a woman who’s into that kind of stuff.” he continued, gesturing to the closed book in her hand.

“How about lunch?” she said with a smile.

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