Circles. Everywhere you looked: Circles. Everywhere you went: Circles. The world was full of millions of tiny orbs working in unison to help sustain life. Even the myriad of variations of the circle were helpful. Hell, even their clothes were made out of thousands of tiny, microscopic circles! He grew up with this wealth of knowledge. But something had changed.
He woke up, not really feeling any different, but still knowing something was amiss. He started to go about his daily routine anyway. But on his way to work at the cirlce factory, his vision seemed to change. Well, not physically. It was more of a mind-set. His internal “eye.” Unwanted, but still it occurred. Now he could almost see every little circle, turning and pulsing. He felt ill at ease at the sight of all those circles working in unison. It made him dizzy gazing in wonder at the infestation of circles. He just didn’t know if he would be able to take it anymore.

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