Where the heck AM I?!

Kamaria woke up and felt like she was riding a horse.
“Not quite a horse,” came Aedin’s voice, “but close enough.” He was carrying her in his arms like a bride, running roughly away from where Romulus’s cell was. “That was quite a close call you had there,” he said, smirking.
“What… happened?” she said drowsily.
“Well, Romulus pretty much freaked out on you and almost killed you. Then, I think that there was some kind of weird seismic activity, because his cell collapsed. I could hear you mentally freak out, so I came and saved the day!” Aedin grinned.
“Oh. ... Thanks, I guess.”
“Yeah, you’re welcome.” He turned left into a dark hallway. (This one had no torches. It was pitch-black.) “Can you stand?” Aedin asked Kamaria.
“I think so.” He set her down and she wobbled a bit, but became steady against the wall.
Aedin inhaled deeply and said to Kamaria, “You ready for this?”
“Ready for w…?” but he already had pushed her through the door and into the bright, blindingly lit room.

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