Is it soup yet?

The developer scratched his head. “Almost. We can handle logins.”
“Yeah, right. Let me know when I can write a story, okay?”

They ran into each other in the kitchen. “You can enter a profile now!”
“But can I write a story?”
“Not yet.”
“Look, let me explain something. The heart of the system is the stories, right?”“Right.”
“We don’t have a product until we can write stories, right?”
“So why do you keep bothering me? I just want to write a story!”
“Oh. Okay.”

The developer thought. Getting the stuff would be hard, but he knew a guy who worked with explosives. He could get the laptop while the jerk was on one of his long lunches. A few wires, the explosives in the screen to make a nice shrapnel effect. Minor hacks, just a little Easter egg, when the username entered a story, send the signal via the alerts system.

“Can I write a story yet?”
“Go for it.”
“About time. Let me just upload my draft…”

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