“over a hundred thousand years ago, mhoretaelia crossed the dimension line, into the human’s world. although back then, elves could go back and forth as they pleased, and the humans were our allies. she prophecized that the person who found her coveted dress made of lovelace (which she hid extremely carefully, seeing as it hasn’t been found in 100,000 years) would be the next queen of naifrr. and it seems that you fulfill that destiny.” the elf-boy bowed towards me. “my queen, i am your humble servant, ephlen. i do wish to know your name, and i apologize for being so rude before i knew yout true identity.”
why is he suddenly all formal? “um, i think you’ve got the wrong girl. i’m not a queen! i’m only fifteen! i’m not fit to lead a kingdom! i have to get back home! my mom is probably freaking out right now!” and i rambled on like that for about half an hour, making a huge scene for all the little woodland critters.

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