Flying Dragon

“You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.”


“My dragon.”

“I don’t see a dragon.”

“He’s on my face.”

“That’s… a tattoo, you crazy bitch.”

“Quite right.”

“If you cross your eyes, you’ll see the pinpoint from my laser sight alongside your nose. It’s impossible to miss at this range.”

“Kai-Lung can move faster than your bullet.”

“What—is that supposed to intimidate me? Keep me from killing you?”

“In thirty seconds or so, yes.”

“I should shoot you now.”

“Yes, but instead you’re curious.”

“A bit.”

“Think about the relief you’ll feel when it turns out I was bluffing and it really is just a tattoo.”

“I’ll have a good story to tell back on the farm.”

“Is that where they raise assassins these days?”

“It’s an industry term.”

“Your time is up. He’s awake now.”

“It’s still just ink, lady—as dead as you are.”

Ignorant mortal: the ink is just a warning!

She blinked, met his gaze with shining gold eyes.

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