Pretty Women

Sir G is well enough to join his friends in the room. Abella eagerly goes to the door to let in the mystery person. She opens the door and reveals the most beautiful princess in all the land. She has long blonde hair, and shocking violet eyes that match her long dress.
“Hello friends, my name is Princess Eva,” she says in a sweet, singsong voice.
The three queens get up and introduce themselves, while the 3 sit there gawking at the girl. Quinn sneaks up behind them and wacks them on the head.
“Put your tongues back in your mouths,” she says.
“Well,” says Eva, “I just wanted to tell you that you are all welcome to join me and my family for a feast down by the water tonight.”
“That’d be lovely,” Aurora replies.
“Great, I’ll see you then,” Eva says showing her bright white teeth. Abella closes the door behind her.
“Seriously you guys, you’re so immature!” Quinn says.
The 3 ignore her, and continue staring at the door were the beautiful princess was. Then Sir Gavin speaks.
“I’d be her slurpee!”

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