Fallen Angel (Pt. 8)

“Do you really think that was smart, Frido?”

Dr. Ochentaker turned around slowly and glared at Loretta through his small bifocals.

“For the love of God, Loretta! No more FRIDO !”

“Oops! I, I mean, I’m so sorry!” stammered Loretta. She nervously looked around the small room that controlled the experiments. It was cluttered with small knobs, levers, buttons, screens, and lights. She had only been in here once or twice to practice performing the experiments with Dr. Ochentaker.

“Are you ready, Loretta?” smiled Dr. Ochetaker.

She sighed, but then just had to crack a smile at Frido’s contagious grin.

“Ready!” she said, and pulled the green lever on her left.

Experiment one had just begun.

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