A Revelation Over Cereal [Realization challenge]

The alarm clock went off.
crap. it’s too early! I think.

I drag myself down the hall to the bathroom. I turn on the blinding light and squint and blink.
Why do the bathroom lights have to be the brightest? It’s such a cruel way to wake up.

I turn on the shower and slowly my numb limbs begin to function and the routine of hygiene awakens me. My stomach rumbles to life. I dress for work.

I stumble into the kitchen, feigning a tiredness I had just washed down the drain, and pour a bowl of cereal with milk.

I begin to wonder why I don’t hear the sounds of others getting up. Usually, the Patterson’s dog next door had spotted the Morris’s cat by now and would have barked himself into a frenzy. Not to mention the activity from the humans in my own house.

I switch on the morning news. And tomorrow’s high will be 75, with a 50% chance of showers. So today looks like best day for working outdoors. It will be a beautiful start to your weekend.

Wait. Weekend? Crap. It’s Saturday! I’m going back to bed!

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