Aftermath of Yesterday

The alarm clock screamed at Jess to wake up. Its howling cries pounded waves of pain into her skull. A limp hand fell on the snooze button, temporarily ending the torment. The hand was cramped and curled into a loose fist. “Ow,â€? Jess cringed, looking at her right hand. Opening and closing it slowly. “That’s weird.â€?

Sitting on the edge of the bed, her brain felt two sizes too big for her head. She flipped on the TV and strolled patiently to the bathroom for some Advil. “Good Wednesday morning Bill,â€? a female voice called. Jess cooed back, “ha, it’s Tuesday moron.â€?

Stepping out of the shower, Jess heard the doorbell. “Hold on,â€? she wrapped a towel around herself. The bell rung again. “I’m coming! Hold on!â€?

She grimaced turning the knob. What is wrong with my hand? she thought as the door opened. No one was there, but a postcard lay atop the welcome mat. She Stepped onto the porch, looking for who rang the bell.

Picking up the postcard on the way back inside, she began to read. “Yesterday, when I was you…â€?

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