“Zombies?” Danielle was confused. “Why would we want to play zombies?”

The Live Action Role Playing group that she was a member of had been playing vampires for going on eight years now. But lately the group had been falling apart, many members moving or simply getting bored and going on to other things.

“Vampires are totally passé now.” Ian explained. “They are representative of the elite snobbish goths that we all hate, right?” He was cute when he got all ranty.

“Zombies.” He continued, “Are the proletariat of the Undead. The working man’s monster. We all slave away in cubicles during the day, it only makes sense that our brains would leak out and our bodies die at night so we shuffle off to find more brains to eat.”

“Ok, well I don’t want to dress up as anything bloated and disgusting.” Danielle had gone as a zombie once, and under Jesse’s tender mercies had ended up covered in grape jelly.

“Oh no.” Ian said, looking her over. “We can definitely make you a sexy zombie. Leave everything to me.”

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