it invaded my brains

I couldn’t believe this jelly pile of puke shit had spoken to me. I chalked it up as a fear induced hallucination before I directed the mop droid to dispose of it. The mop droid was initiating its vacuum compression sequence the bleeps and bloops indicating test patterns activating and sensors calibrating seemed to take forever to initiate. Each bleep was stretched out like a fog horn until time seemed to stop altogether. All around me a fog was developing and every breath lasted for hours. I was enchanted by the pleasant smelling aromas filling the chamber. The chamber became sweet and familiar, as I tried to identify that wonderful scent I was distracted by things that should have happened long ago. My whole body felt very warm and comfortable. I was drifting from memory to memory recalling every detail perfectly. I wanted to panic because that smell was becoming so thick it was hard to breathe and even my memories faded into hazy…

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