Trying to Explain

His eyes were definitely alight with curiosity now, “Very well, I choose option one.”
I blinked, not surprised at his choice, but surprised that I wasn’t surprised, that I was relieved, though this choice was the most complicated one for me. I realized I had hoped he still cared for me, even through the Assassin Curse.
I paused, “Well… I’m not,” I struggled to find a word that would work, “normal,” I finished lamely.
He frowned, “What do you mean?I mean, that’s always been sort of obvious, but that doesn’t explain anything.”
“Exactly,” I continued, as his expression grew more confused, “I’ve been different, from the very start. I was never a real true Warlock, brother, never.”
He rolled his eyes, “I saw you come out of the womb, sister, have they brainwashed you?”
I glared at him, “No. I mean it.The instant I was born I was no longer a Warlock.Maybe, maybe in the womb I was, but never outside it.”
He frowned, “Could you try to make sense?”
I sighed,”I’m enchanted too, from birth.”
He froze.

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