The dawn and dusk of civilization

It was the dawn of a new civilization. For the first, these fragile creatures stepped from their caves and realized they were alive.

They grew quickly, extremely bright and curious about the world. Their art, literature and communication grew with amazing speed.

It seemed like many of their years passed before the great coming. It was the night the new chief was crowned. At least it was supposed to be.

A great flame appeared from the sky. Slowly falling toward the capital city, landing on the outskirts.

The people soon gathered to bear witness to the strange object that now loomed over them. A giant sphere, supported by large shiny rods.

It seemed like an eternity passed while they watched it, when suddenly the side opened up and a giant figure stepped out. It was larger than anything they had ever seen, anything they could ever imagine.

It was too late when the panic set in. All they could do was attempt to flee. But the foot kept coming down, and the voice boomed, “This is one small step for man…”

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