She Could Fly

Why are you so free? How? How can you be so… unafraid? The world is a big and scary place. And you’re, you’re so small and defenseless in comparison.

So, how can you do that? Just, jump. And dance and laugh. And… fly. You’re so carefree, when you smile, it’s like you know. You know you can fly. And you don’t care if anyone believes you, or cares. Because you can, and that gives you…

What does it give you? Power? Or… confidence? Or, the will to have both? Or maybe… happiness. Is that it?

Please tell me one thing, what’s the trick? You’re so free. How? Can you teach me? Is that something you can teach?

Please, don’t leave me alone.

Take me with you, let me follow,

And, teach me how.

Teach me how to fly.

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