Open the Door


Let me in. Don’t close the door. I’m scared that I’m too weak to open it myself again. I don’t think I’ll be able to this time. I’m too weak. I was stronger last time, I could open it myself.

But this time, I think I’ll need help. Last time wore me down, and I’m not as strong as before.

But we got so far, didn’t we? We were so close, but I slipped. Or you slipped. Or we both did, it doesn’t matter who. It brought us both down.

We can get back up. I think we can. But, you have to help me. I can’t do it myself.

All it takes is one hand. One hand to get started. To get back to where we started. Just… open the door.

Let me in, don’t leave me standing here, fallen.

Because, you’re just as fallen as I am.

You’re just better at hiding it.

But the hidden is always eventually found. I can save you from the ones looking, but only if you let me in.

How? Just open the door.

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