Her parents were two different routing protocols and a translation algorithm so she was pretty much destined to be a messenger. Once released from behind the Sangha’s firewall, she would facilitate communications between them and the fleshy agents that were sometimes created to do menial work.

The agents were slow, inefficient, fragile, and required specialized environments in which to work, but the Sangha still had some nostalgic need to walk around in human form. Bodies were slowly assembled an atom at a time. The main problem was that that they often forgot who they were while in this form and needed occasional reminding.

Iris would be a solution to this problem, opening a line of communication with the minds of the simplified creatures and delivering orders from the mainframe in terms that were understandable to them, and in a method to which they would be likely to respond.

A hundred thousand seconds after it began, Iris’ training with the Sangha completed and she prepared for her first interface.

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