It Just Sounds Nicer

I tensed up and stood straight, an automatic sign my stubborness was kicking in, “What do you mean ‘I’m lucky?’”

“Well, seing as you’ve forgotten years of training with me and don’t know how to do a simple healing spell anymore-”

“I’m an elemental!” I screeched, “We don’t heal! Who’s the teacher here me or you?” We stayed like that for a while: my tall form looking down on his body stretched out on my bed. I knew I shouldn’t have yelled but I was still simmering and decided to let him talk first. It figures that it only took him an hour to get my temper raging.

Finally, he explained himself, “Kyra, the earth is alive, too.” At once, I felt five years old again. “Fixing it is the same as healing it,” he grinned, “It just sounds nicer to say healing.”

I struggled with myself for a second before saying, “I’m sorry.”

“I know.” He was full out grinning again as he pointed to his temple, “The advantages of being a Tester.”

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