While I was Dead

I turned around slowly, “What do you mean: the other one?” The girl, for she was a girl, had short black hair that framed the edges of her face. Her eyes were bright blue and she had a soft face. She was also dressed in a tunic of the finest silk in gold and white. She could’ve been really pretty if her eyes hadn’t had a mocking gleam in them. Or maybe if her mouth wasn’t twisted into that odd evil smile.

“The third spy.” Her smile just grew wider. “The one John didn’t trust my name with. You were too close to-”

“That’s right I was too close to Lucifer.” My mouth grew into a disdainful sneer and hers slowly faded, “I was doing the dangerous stuff after all. While what did you do? I didn’t know they called backups spies!” We were standing nose to nose yelling at the top of our lungs. “What were you doing while I-”

“While you sucked up to Lucifer? While you and you’re buddy lived as his left and right hands?” I stopped for a second but she didn’t notice. She was almost in tears. “While I was dead?”

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