Island Life [When I Grow Up Challenge]

I roll out of the hammock onto warm sand. Eyes blinking in the tropical sun, I stroll into the breeze. With a smile I rap a knuckle on the ‘No Shirt, No Shoes…So?’ sign nailed to a palm tree.

“You’re up? Before noon?” she says sweetly. Her sun-kissed face turned up to be me-kissed. I oblige and plop down next to her on the sand.

“The kids?” I ask, more taking in the view than really worrying. Really, how far can they go? We live on a friggin island.

She shrugs, a graceful movement of supple shoulders, “Dunno. They’ll holler if there’s a problem.” I smile.

“Any sign of rescue today?”


“Good.” We exchange grins. She winks. The sea laps at the beach. The wind urges the clouds onward. The jungle breathes behind us.

Her eyes flash with mischief, “Race you to the hut?”

“You’re on,” I say, and we scramble to our humble abode. If there were any worries to forget, we’d forget them. But there are none. Just life. Just love. Just us.

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