Excuse me?

“You know you want to…” whispered the knight as they walked through the forest.

Julius’s head jerked as he eyed the bulky man warily. Could that brute read his thoughts? Their two other companions continued ahead, innocently chattering about nonsense and unaware of the knight’s statement.

“What?” Julius asked, taken aback.

“Come… you know you want to. I’ll take the one, you can have the woman.” the knight hissed.

The blood in his head seemed to roar in his ears and hammer in his veins. The forest seemed to still and the light darkened, as if the Sun itself could not be privy to this conversation. He could hardly believe his ears.

He stared mutely at the knight. Was it just the shadows or did the knight seem to shift in some way, as if he was changing into something horrid? Julius reached down and pinched his leg. He shuddered again as the pain made it all too real.

The knight shrugged at him, his dark eyes mocking Julius’s impotence. He strode on down the path as Julius stood there, bewildered.

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