Unfinished Business

He saw them coming. They were drawing ever closer.

“mwaraaaaaaaaaaaaa!” exclaimed the beasts.

Jason ran fast. Faster than a Kenyan in the olympics. He tripped on a twig and hurt his ankle.

Five of the beasts were within five feet of Jason’s left leg. One grabbed his leg and Jason kicked him in the face. The thrust of his foot was so hard that the creatures face flew off into every direction.

Jason got up and ran down Willougby Street. He then took a turn onto Maple Street and saw the monsters coming. He was in such shock from what he then saw.

“Jason, its been a long time hasn’t it?” said the monstorous creature.

“Yes it has, almost 3 years.” said Jason. “I never thought I would run into you again.”

“Well this part of the Milky Way just happened to be in my route to where I was heading anyways.”

“How did you find me?”

“Let’s just say you forgot to take care of some unfinished business on Elzak 7.”



“Now you’re coming with us and you can’t do anything!!”

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