Saint Chuck's When I Grow Up Challenge: Montage

Weigtless, I float into the LEM . The moon is small in the window now. It’s over. Is it really over? Was I really there? Why is it impossible to truly appreciate something while it’s happening?

I wander back into the Command Module and peer out the opposite window. The Earth is getting close. Another few hours and we begin reentry checklist Alpha.
I ease my foot off the gas as I enter the long right-hander. Peter Cunningham’s Acura is still just in front of me, making it hard as hell to pass. I burp the gas, drop into 4th, and nail the accelarator out of the turn, coming alongside Petey.

8700 RPM …and 5th.

Our doors are mere inches apart, but at least I’m not behind him anymore. He’s got the inside line…can I make this stick?
Tony looks at me and smiles a stupid grin. He actually looks happy for me! I think, realizing that I just cost him $200,000. He kicks his board up into his hand and walks over.

“You’ll have to teach me that sometime, Ben” Tony Hawk says.

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