The Pillar - An Empty Tomb

Stine led the party onto The Pillar. A team of six men stood in the airlock, wearing full suits. They were all prepared, to some extent, for what they were about to see.

Decompression can do nasty things. The eyes freeze and shatter. Blood veins rupture. It’s going to be a real mess in there, Stine thought.

“Stay cool, gents.” he said aloud as the pressure guage equalized. The door opened slowly to reveal the dark interior of The Pillar.

“Jones, Bjorn, Engineering. The rest of you are with me. Keep your mics open. Report anything.” He continued.

The helmet lights were the only illumination as Stine led his men down the corridor toward C.I.C. It’s erie…these halls are identical to The Hammer’s. But dead.

Chief Leary broke the silence. “Where are the bodies?” he breathed, fear coming through in his Irish accent.

“Stay cool” Stine repeated. “Hammer…No survivors. We’re heading to C.I.C.”

“Commander,” Bjorn’s voice came over the earpiece. “There’s something down here.”

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