Brother In Arms

Terrance hated his brother. Stupid jerk.

Tyson’s campus was on the other side of town. Terrance normally rode the bus to the Junior High, but for some reason, big brother decided to give him a lift.

They left that morning, their mother standing at the front door smiling.

Two blocks later, Tyson screeched to a halt and looked at Terrance.

“Get out.” he smiled.

“What?” Terrance asked, clutching his backpack.

“Get…out…” Tyson growled.

“Are you crazy? You can’t just -“

“Yeah, I changed my mind.” Tyson shrugged. “Looks like you’re walking, little brother.”

Terrance tried to protest, but Tyson punched him hard in the shoulder.

Terrance grimaced and got out. He tried to say something else, but Tyson shot away.

Terrance looked around, and started walking. He headed east through an alley, cursing, his anger rising.

Mad, he kicked at an empty garbage bag. His foot connected with something underneath. He pulled the bag away to find a severed hand…holding a gun.

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