Be Cool, Man, Be Cool.

Jameson just stared into his beer, miserable. And the night had started so well…

He had had an inkling, the slightest of inklings, that Becca would be at the party. She belonged to the sorority house adjacent to his buddy, Paul’s fraternity house. Her house was called Mu Alpha … Whatever. Those names never meant much to him. He was able to get into the parties without being a full-fledged member and having to pay dues because Paul was the man.

Paul could have any girl he wanted in the room, including Becca. But he didn’t want to be tied down, preferring “to sow his wild man-oats.”

“Dude, she’s looking at you. Be cool, man, be cool.”

“I’m cool, man, I’m cool,” Jameson said, but his voice cracked on the second “cool.” He wanted desperately to leave, but Becca was the reason he’d come. She was the reason he never skipped his Biology lab. She’d never spoken to him before, but now, all of a sudden, she was smiling at him across the room. He gulped.

“You’ve got to help me, Paul,” Jameson moaned.

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