Reynolds' Decision

“Who the hell told you to fire!?” Grimes shouted. “You probably blew up the case! You sure as hell blew up the damn guy!”

“But Grimes…think about it.” replied the man at the console. “This way, we control the scene. We saw where it went down. We know where it is. We’ve got hours before the cops will get all the way out here…except the locals…and we can handle them easy.”

Grimes wasn’t buying it. Reynolds fucked up the whole operation. He pulled out his pistol and shot him twice in the chest.

“Stupid bastard.” he breathed heavily as Reynolds dropped out of the chair. “You heard the man, people. Let’s move!”

The trucks were just outside, prepped. Everybody was hustling their way out, not wanting to keep Reynolds company.

The trucks weren’t supposed to be used yet. Shooting the plane down was a last option.

Dammit, Reynolds.

He was lying at his feet now. Still breathing, but fading. Grimes trained the pistol again and sent another shot into Reynold’s head.

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