One Sip Too Far

Fifteen rows of teeth awaited Jorge at the bottom of his glass of milk. Little teeth, but sharp as heck. They snipped at his nose.

With a start he choked and threw the drink to the floor; the glass exploded into tiny shards on the carpet; the miniature shark flopped around for dear life in the dairy puddle at his feet. “What the crap!?” shouted Jorge in revulsion. He suddenly knew how wrong he had been to accept the Shands brothers’ invitation.

The twins were notorious pranksters from the College of Marine Biology, and embodied both the best and worst attributes of scholars in that field. Smart. Quick on their feet. A dynamic duo of heroics when rescuing beached whales, and the obnoxious favorite students of every professor in the department as a result. What a pair… pity about their mean streak though.

Jorge knew they’d never invite a computer engineer along for drinks on the weekend. They had to be up to something. Now he knew what.

To make matters worse, he had ordered a milk. Maybe he deserved this.

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