the dream

” i was in the woods, all alone. when suddenly a person appears, hes amazing. he takes my hand, and he leads me, but where are we going?” i ask him mulitple times, “who are you?” kind of scared, but curious. he flashed a perfect smile at me, and that was it. that was all i needed. he took my hand, deep in his, and i followed him. wherever he would lead. when we got to a tree, i think i had seen it before. he stopped. only to look me in the eyes, everything was crystal clear, except his face. how i could see hiim so perfect, without as much as a detail to his face puzzled me. then, when he smiled and leaned towards me

“RINGGG!!!” my alarm clock went off.

another day of school…. greatttt.

the end of our 8th grade year had finally arrived. with 2 weeks left, the excitement was rising.. but this dream. it was starting to make me wonder, starting to make me completely crazy. who was he? and how did he have this effect on me. i had never seen him before, but was sucked into his eyes.

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