the dream: part 2 de ja vu

i got to school, to only see my friends huddled around our teachers desk. “dude, guys, whats going on?” with great excitement, Steph looked at me, only to say, “dude… omg, were getting a new guy in our class!” “NO WAY ! but only 2 weeks left? whts the point of that?” ” with one of her witty remarks blair looked at me, and said” who cares, as long as hes hot” leave it to blair. we all laughed in unison. still pondering who this new kid would be, as much as i was wondering about that, my dream had a more controlling effect on my mind.

Another day of school gone, another pile of homework. JOY !

i went home to sit on my bed as usual to do my homework, when i suddenly dosed off, to only have the same dream again. He was amazing, and i didnt even know who he was. Didnt have the slightest clue if i would ever know. Some part of this guy made me breathless, but it was just a dream, i didnt think this dream would have this kind of effect.

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